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Web Design Quotation Request Form

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Q1. List the major purposes for the website, the reasons for building one (in order of importance, i.e. name branding, e-commerce, because that's what everyone else is doing, etc.)?
Q2. List audience demographics - who you want to reach and how this will be accomplished. Be as specific as possible (age range, profession, interests, etc.)
Q3. List features of your products and/or services? Please specify a clear list of bullet items.
Q4. List 4 to 8 major topics for your site (i.e. Products, Services, Information, Contact us, etc.) and sub topics under the major topics.
Q5. Choose types of components to include other than still photos and text.
e-commerce backend database integration online forms
translation flash animation
Q6. List a series of website URLs with designs or schemes that appeal to you and give reasons why.
Q7. Which of our portfolio of sites is most appealing?
Q8. List some of competitor website URLs:
Q9. Do you have a business slogan or catch phrase?
Q10. Do you have any custom photography needs (still photography, product shots, or stock photography)? If you supply images, how will you send them to us (hard copy, CD-Rom, or Email attachments)?
Q11. What type of e-commerce solution do you require?
Q12. List any problems experienced with your existing website (poor performance, graphics, load time, design, etc.)
Q13. Are there any special needs or components required?



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